A proposed Verbosio logo

Verbosio logo (draft)

I decided to try my hand at a bit of artwork tonight. I’d been wondering what sort of logo I’d use for Verbosio, and this came to mind – another reference to XML, and to writing.

Opinions? Has this sort of logo been used by someone else before? I’d hate to infringe on someone’s trademark…

UPDATE: The general consensus is that it is unique (yay!), but a bit basic. To me, that’s okay for now

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. I’ll gladly accept contributions of new SVG markup (preferred) or PNG graphics that do the logo in a better way. Just please don’t hold any license on it; I’m not sure what licensing to hold the logo under for the project anyway, considering Verbosio is open-source, low-budget and likely to stay that way…

6 thoughts on “A proposed Verbosio logo”

  1. If this were a windows 3.11 app it would be great.
    The idea of mixing a pen with the common XML short-hand closing thingy is actually pretty okay and not something I’ve seen before.
    Apply some modern design and it would be great.
    (From Alex: Ah, but I choose to use web-safe colors.
    Believe me, I will gladly accept improvements (including “modern design”), but this is just something I cobbled together. I’m a programmer, not a graphic designer…
    The bottom line is I don’t know how to do better than this.)

  2. Well, Bram! is right, it looks a bit “early 90s style”. Please take no offense, it’s hard to create a good icon/logo, but it’s also important because it gives a first impression of verbosio. Do you have any friends who are into design? Maybe somebody could help out? Generally I like the idea of using the shorthand closing notation as a base for your logo.

  3. It does look a lot like programmer art. Not that I could do better without cribbing from other people…
    (From Alex: Hehe. Okay, okay. So it’s basic. That doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with it. It’s a starting point, and as I said earlier, I’ll gladly take any help I can get in making it better. I just have other things to work on at present. Like, actually getting Verbosio to a 0.1 release.
    If someone wants to contribute without license a better version, I’ll take it.)

  4. Hey, I reworked this idea a tiny bit (my svg is pretty crappy, but I’m no graphic artist either). I don’t have any idea where to send anything though, so I’m just putting an image up on photobucket. If ya’ want the SVG, just tell me where.
    (From Alex: Hmm, that’s kinda slick. I’m not sure if I want it — it’s not quite the right XML appearance for me — but thanks. Send me an e-mail to ajvincent at ye handy dandy GMail.
    I wonder how it’d look as a titlebar icon?)

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