MathML 3.0: Work is beginning

I realize this announcement might be premature, but it might be of some interest to people (including the WHATWG contributors, some of whom are violently opposed to MathML in its current form). W3C Launches Math Working Group for MathML 3.0

I think this is excellent news: a chance for us to fix some of the issues with MathML. It’s too bad I’m not working for a W3C member, and have no corporate justification to be involved… just a personal obsession with mathematics and computers that’s lasted all my life… 🙂

One thought on “MathML 3.0: Work is beginning”

  1. Well, meanwhile MathMl is seriously broken on trunk, cairo builds wills need some work to make it work.
    (From Alex: Yes, I know. This is bug 324857.)

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