The new Carquinez Bridge

“What a magnificent bridge,” Gov. Gray Davis of California said about the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge this past Saturday

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And what a magnificent commute Tuesday morning, even for people who didn’t cross it.
Vallejo Times Herald article
San Francisco Chronicle article
I was going to work in Benicia, which involves crossing under I-80 to go onto Curtola Parkway (which becomes I-780) . It took twenty minutes to navigate what usually takes five, max. Some people were stuck in that mess for hours. One lane open for four hours of traffic, and one of the three lanes closed for another two hours. Oops.
It’s like building a hammer, selling it to the customer, and telling him, “Oh, we’ll replace that macaroni head with a metal one before you need to use it.”
Apparently, they now have all lanes on the bridge open, but it still is not a pleasant memory.
What kind of tribute to a working man is it to build a bridge named after him… that doesn’t work?
“What a magnificent bridge.”