XUL Widgets now supports XULRunner

XUL Widgets installation instructions

By this, I mean XUL Widgets now packages its chrome to be easily dropped into an existing XULRunner application. It’s a beginning step (possibly incorrect, but simple) for building a chrome package for a larger app. I’ll be porting the code used to make this chrome package over to jslib and xpistubs shortly.

UPDATE: JSLib and xpistubs now have code checked in to support XULRunner as well! No new packages generated for jslib yet; I leave that up to the mozdev team.

If you have a xpistubs-based project, drop me a line. I may be able to help you apply the patch to your own project.

3 thoughts on “XUL Widgets now supports XULRunner”

  1. Any chance of seeing screenshots (worth a thousand words each) at http://xulwidgets.mozdev.org/screenshots.html ?
    “The plane was quivering, a live thing, and as he squirmed deeper into his own web, he fumbled for the interface cable, found it, ripped the microsoft from his socket, and slid the cable-jack home.” (Count Zero, even better than BC)
    (From Alex: It’s on my To Do List. 🙂 Sorry, I’ve just been a busy guy.)

  2. Installed the extension, viewed the examples via chrome://blah… and I simply don’t understand what you are trying to achieve with this project.
    I’ve seen your annoucements in Planet Mozilla since you started this projet. I’m interested but don’t understand.
    Some of the examples didn’t do anything. Of those that did, a few seconds of research on XUL could tell someone how to it themselves.
    Really, what is the purpose of this project>
    I must be missing something here.
    (From Alex: Believe it or not, comments like this are very important to me.
    The purpose is to add functionality to XUL that isn’t available through Mozilla’s standard toolkit. Specifically, neat features that I can’t get through the tough-as-nails review process, but I still think is useful.
    Currently, I am biased, as I plan on using these widgets in Verbosio, but I’m willing to accept other improvements and especially other people using them.)

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