ManyOne: Anyone out there with plug-in development experience?

I’ve had a request from my supervisor to see who might be able to assist with plug-in development for Mozilla-based browsers

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. This specific case is about “Celestia”.

Right now, this is just exploratory, no solid commitments as yet. We have a small budget for the right person to research what we’d need to do to implement Celestia as a plug-in for Firefox.

Please reply by comment to this blog – no resumes just yet – if you’re able to help. E-mail addresses will be required, as we will probably be sending you a little more detail by e-mail later. If you don’t want the e-mail address posted publicly, please note so in your comment; I read all the comments and will pass the e-mails on to my supervisor.

2 thoughts on “ManyOne: Anyone out there with plug-in development experience?”

  1. Can you be more specific? I assume you mean old style Netscape browser plug-in? Do you want to use Liveconnect?

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