Another person who (for the moment) hates Comcast

I’m asleep with music playing in the background from Music Choice’s “Soundscapes” channel (New Age music, very relaxing). I hear a song that’s so good and so unusual I find it impossible to ignore. (Kevin Wood, “Harmonic Oasis”, on his “Scenic Listening” album.) Songs like this are why I bought Blue Man Group’s two CD’s when I first had the chance. (For them, it was “Synaesthetic”, which I first heard on a Pure Moods album.)

So I decide to pay Music Choice’s website a visit.

Imagine the fun I had in reading this famous paragraph from Firefox in Linux:

Our service is not currently supported by this browser. For best viewing, use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Okay, so somewhere between ten and fifteen percent of their market doesn’t matter to them. They want me to use a browser that has been declared too dangerous to use, two years ago. We’ve had Firefox for a while now. (I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but wait: it gets better.)

So I have to go back to Windows, and fire up IE. Please have mercy on my poor vulnerable computer, I beg. No such luck

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. When I get to their webpage, I get an interface that isn’t very user-friendly. But at least there’s a tab for “Get Music”. All right. I click on it.

There are eight entries. Nothing even close to what I’m interested in. No indication of a scroll bar, search functionality, or anything that suggests I might like to pick the CD I want to buy.

I won’t even try to go into detail about the video interviews that are playing that I didn’t ask to see.

This one rates as one of many “Web Pages That Suck” in my opinion. It was so bad that I just had to look up the URL for Vincent Flanders (and write this blog rant, I suppose).

In short, I took my business to, and bought two CD’s from Amazon that I would have just as easily bought from Music Choice… if I could.


(Off topic: Remember Tiananmen Square, 1989. It happened today.)

5 thoughts on “Another person who (for the moment) hates Comcast”

  1. Is Music Choice owned by Comcast? I have Charter Cable and it has Music Choice too. This may be an independent company that contracts with various cable systems.
    (From Alex: All the same, it still stinks.)

  2. Pre tags and small columns (like on don’t mix. I think the tag you want is blockquote, perhaps with some styling to make it use a fixed-width font if you have some reason to want it to be fixed-width.

  3. ??? i’m using ff 1.0.7 on linux, i get a listing of all the channels with links to the top ten cd’s for each channel. also there is a search box at the bottom that brings up the cd you were looking for. it looks like music choice doesn’t recognize 1.5.x.

  4. Music Choice (venture with Time Warner, EMI, Motorola, Microsoft, and several cable companies: Cox, Comcast, Adelphia, Time Warner Cable)

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