XUL Widgets, version 0.2.1

I’ve just released an updated version of XUL Widgets. New features:

  • The SVG+XUL menuitem binding I created earlier this week, a good start
  • Support for mozilla.org toolkit’s update manifests
  • An initial attempt at documentation (yes, the XUL Widgets Manual is starting)
  • A little bit more styling for XUL textboxes (‘delayed’, ‘warning’)

Accessibility is a big concern I have, and I’m going to spend some time tonight making icons for a future version 0.2.*.

XUL Widgets Installation instructions

Note version 0.2.* is NOT backwards-compatible with version 0.1.*. If you’ve installed version 0.1.* of XUL Widgets, please uninstall it before installing XUL Widgets 0.2.*.