Patch Maker love

I have a lot of respect for Gervase Markham’s Patch Maker, so much that I really can’t imagine hacking Mozilla without it. Sure, there’s a few weak spots in it — I use timeless’s cvsdo and cvsu Perl scripts for actually adding files to my local CVS tree.
One of the reasons I love Patch Maker so much is the fact that you can do all your important stuff in one command line — call up files, list the files in a patch you’re working on, back the patch out or put it back in, add a file to the patch, diff, etc. Well, almost. If you want to rebuild a certain directory, you have had to change to the directory, do a “gmake -f Makefile” from there, and then change back out to the /mozilla directory.
Not much fun. Until I put a little Perl code together to automate that process for me too. Gerv had reserved a “pmmake()” subroutine in his Patch Maker script, but never implemented it. With a little creative design work to find the right Makefile files to use (once!), I actually managed to get it working. Not bad, I think, when I only touch Perl code once every six months…
I hope Gerv applies the patch and releases a new sub-version of Patch Maker. pmmake() is so useful right off the bat that I’ve found another reason to love Patch Maker. You want me to hack the lizard without it? You must be joking.