OSCON 2004 in Portland, OR

Looks like I get to go home again!
The O’Reilly Open Source Convention, my e-mail inbox informs me, will be held at the Portland Marriott in the week of July 25. Which makes me just peachy.
I’ve been thinking for a few days about trying to organize another Dev Day (like the one we had Nov 9 2001). The biggest question I have is “Where?”
But could we possibly set up a day in one of the Open Source Convention tracks for a Mozilla Technologies discussion? Or, if we had enough speakers, set up our own track at OSCON?
Sure, I’m ambitious. But if anyone out there is interested in speaking at OSCON about Mozilla and Mozilla-based technologies, please, let me know in replies to this entry. Given enough speakers, I can probably get OSCON to help us out

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. (Plus, speakers in past years have usually gotten free passes to the whole shebang of talks — and I want to speak on DOM Inspector…)