XUL Widgets, version 0.1.2

Lots of changes checked in today:

  • New <xul:slicedstack/> element. It’s a stack, with anything up to its selectedIndex visible, and everything after it hidden.
  • Wizards can have their next/finish buttons disabled by the current page’s content elements having invalid=”true”. This matches behavior I added for XUL Widgets dialogs.
  • Bug fixes for control deck, integer control
  • Mozilla assertion (and probable leaks) in dialogbox widget fixed
  • Serverpost now partially supports XML Base
  • Serverpost now supports a time limit for HTTP POST messages, defaulting to 60,000 milliseconds.
  • New tests added for all the above new features
  • New XPI’s checked in reflecting these changes. They should be available within 24 hours.

I’ve not finished the manual yet

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