XUL Widgets gets some extensions

Following up on a previous blog entry about extending current toolkit widgets, I have just landed a good amount of new code to XUL Widgets.

Many thanks to prefiks (give me your real name & e-mail, so I can thank you properly!) for the idea of using regular expressions on textboxes. That’s one of the improvements obvious enough that I had to include it.

Dialogs (with xulwidgets=”true”) now check for invalid=”true” attributes, as does serverpost. However, in case an invalid XUL element is hiding in an invisible xul:deck panel, I created a xul:deck extension that vetoes any hidden invalid elements.

I’ve deprecated and removed menudeck, in favor of a more flexible widget called controldeck. This one lets you use any XUL element that implements selectedIndex as a selector for the deck. You have to make the selector a child element of a <xul:selector/> element, and that in turn becomes a child node of <xul:controldeck/>.

Several new testcases have been added, including a main index page for all testcases within the package. chrome://xulwidgets/content/tests/tests.html

Still to come: the testcases for DOM utilities, preconditions, and user error boxes. Also, the XUL Widgets manual (which I would have gotten done today if I didn’t have so many failures of the testcases initially… but the testcases pass now)

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. The latter I hope to have up tomorrow.

If you try to download the latest XUL Widgets version, and it comes back as 0.0.0, reject it! The latest version number is 0.1.1.

One thought on “XUL Widgets gets some extensions”

  1. The page of the test works? I can not open. chrome: // xulwidgets/content/tests/tests.html.
    (From Alex: There’s a security blockage that prevents the remote HTML page loading chrome URL’s. Not entirely unreasonable. You have to install the package and then directly type the URL into the URL bar.)

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