Flat chrome in a jarred world (or vice versa)

XULRunner is a bit intolerant in its chrome.manifest files when it comes to jarred chrome versus flat chrome. For example, I filed bug 295023 because I typically build with flat chrome, and the sample app insisted that its chrome was jarred.

There’s actually a simple, undocumented way to avoid this problem. You force the build process to use a particular chrome format just for your XUL application. If you want to force jarred chrome, add this line to your Makefile.in file, after the autoconf.mk line:


That’s it. The build process will take that, and override the user’s default setting. Alternatively, if you insist on flat chrome:


XULRunner apps should use one of these settings for any Makefile.in tied to their chrome.manifest. Of course, it’s not a nice thing to do in a traditional SeaMonkey application, where jar.mn rules. In this case, you’re forcing your choice format on the developer building

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