Assimilate this!

  • 3.0 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM (upgradeable to 4 GB)
  • 80 GB HDD
  • 19 inch monitor
  • Wireless Network Card
  • Norton SystemWorks 2005

$1,600.00 (USA).
With free, timeless-honored tools, I have a personal development box that burns chrome. Now I have to see what I’m going to do with it…

8 thoughts on “Assimilate this!

  1. Please post your FF Build times so we can all sit in awe!
    (From Alex: Actually, I don’t plan on building Mozilla Firefox. I use it, yes, but I actually like the Mozilla Application Suite more.
    I’m not actually planning on posting any builds.)

  2. More space on HDD would be nice.
    (From Alex: Maybe later. I’m thinking my next upgrade to this brand-new box will probably be to the RAM, to take it to the full 4 GB. That way, I could do my builds on a RAM disk.
    Either that, or adding in things like speakers, maybe some audio mixing software so I can create my own music.)

  3. Wow, I had no idea the dollar was that weak.
    (From Alex: It might not be that. I don’t know where the components came from, but I had it custom built for me. None of the extras I didn’t need for doing dev work, aside from Windows XP Professional. It might just be Moore’s Law at work.)

  4. Well this is a slow machine, sorry man.
    I’m running a 3.2 GHz and 2 GIGs of RAM.
    And 240 GB hard disk space and will add another 160 GB.
    So the final Quota would be 400 GIGs.

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