Work in progress: A tutorial on XTF

One of Abacus’s goals is to define and implement a XML language of analytic geometry. So I’m working on JS code to implement a subset of the language.
I’m also using the JS code as an example I’d like to write an article on, contrasting XBL and XTF for implementing XML languages. One emphasis of this article is on including more than one element in the language implementation.
There’s only one problem with picking a practical example. Namely, to make it work, you have to write a lot of code. Probably more than the article’s readers would want to wade through… I’ll cut a part of it for the article

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But, when I get it finished, I’ll have a nice long demo of how you can create XPI’s to install XML languages into Mozilla.
Now, where will I find a technical journal willing to buy the article… 🙂

One thought on “Work in progress: A tutorial on XTF”

  1. > Now, where will I find a technical journal willing to buy the article… 🙂
    You could start with explaining what this can be used for. This would also make it little understandable by a broader audience.
    What is XTF and how does XBL relate to XTF and what can these be used for. XML can be used for anything, so what is cool about installing ‘XML languages’ into Mozilla ? What do you mean with ‘XML languages’ ?

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