Mozdev gets a taste of Mozilla QA

For the record, I’m willing to volunteer as a MozDev Bugzilla admin, just to shut down incidents like this one. I’m on at all sorts of odd hours anyway.
A lot of people tonight have received bugspam thanks to a gracious QA person who decided to mark a bunch of bugs fixed without consulting the people who make these extensions, and without consulting the people who actually report these bugs honestly and wisely.
I know the Mozilla b.m.o QA’s struggle to keep up with the deluge, and on the whole they do a good job. I anticipate (expect would be too strong a word, as it sounds like “demand”) at least one member of the MozDev staff will be apologizing for this happening and no one catching it.
I’m personally not mad at MozDev. They’re being gracious by offering to host our projects, including a fair amount of stagnating code I have to offer. This is just growing pains. MozDev people have lives too, and as far as I know, they’re a lot smaller group, financially and physically, than even the Mozilla Foundation. They have been for years.
I think MozDev is more important than most of us realize. Including some of the people in MozDev Group. My only real beef with them is that they’re a bit insular, that it’s hard to get a response that leads to better code, faster, or even a “Yeah, that’s a great idea, go ahead and submit something and we’ll put it up.” I griped a few days ago about JSLib holding me back, and that didn’t go anywhere serious.
Oh, well. Like I said, this is just growing pains.
But I sure would like to have some sharp words for whoever’s doing this wonderful QA work.
UPDATE: And for the people who decided to be oh, so helpful in telling people how to back out these changes, and the same people who decided to give me and the other contributors a second tsunami of bugspam. Thank you for using your common sense, although you’re doing something that’s almost as bad.
I know you have the best intentions at heart, and this is going to make you a little mad. Sorry.

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