Symbolic gestures: Adventures in MinGW Mozilla, Part Four

Well, I’m just about stumped now. I can crash in Mozilla courtesy of bug 265736, but apparently when I do, I get a stack with no symbols. This means I have no information loaded on what lines of code the stack points to.
I’ve tried six different ways to get gdb to grab these symbols, and without success. I’ve even tried getting a couple IDE’s, and am just on a wild goose chase.
Anyone have suggestions? Has anyone else ever debugged a crash in a MinGW-built Mozilla?

One thought on “Symbolic gestures: Adventures in MinGW Mozilla, Part Four”

  1. Try doing a build using the free MSVC-provided toolkit? I’ve successfully built in the past that way, and in half an hour or so I’ll know how whether I’ve set everything up properly and whether it still works. Even better, you can hook up a debugger and use plugins that aren’t binary-compatible with gcc-created builds.
    For instructions, is pretty decent. I’ve also got my own setup instructions that I’ve written, which I could get to you if you want.
    (From Alex: If it will build on Win98SE, great!)

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