From the strange-but-true department

I just turned 27 on Dec. 21. Apparently, in the past year, I’ve started growing again.
Ever since I was 18, I remember being 5 ft 9.5 in tall. (That’s 176.5 cm for those on the metric system.) I was always a little shorter than Dad, who is 5 ft 11. One of my younger brothers ended up 6 ft 4, and the other 6 ft 1. (Give or take an inch for both of them. I don’t really remember.)
This past July, I went up to Vancouver, WA / Portland, OR for the Open Source Convention 2004. I was startled to realize I was eye-level with Dad.
Then, at Thanksgiving, another friend of mine who I remember being eye-level with is suddenly shorter than me.
Finally, I met my parents at the airport on Dec. 13 (which in itself is a funny story), and I’m clearly at least a half inch taller than Dad.
Now, since I haven’t been to a doctor in several years, I decided to see if there was any context for this. Google wasn’t entirely helpful — I didn’t see any meaningful results until I typed in “mid-twenties growth spurt”. Apparently, it isn’t all that common, but it isn’t quite unheard of either.
It’s also something Dad says runs in his side of the family.
The last few days, it feels like everything in my room is a little lower again. So I might definitely be brushing six feet (182.9 cm).
Overall, I’m not complaining, since I’m still fairly lean (190 lbs, give or take five, and wearing the same size pants I’ve worn for years). I can’t explain it though.
Other than to say that I’d better take advantage of this growth while I still can. As a kid, I hated exercising. As an adult, I find it refreshing and something I don’t do quite enough of. So I’m thinking of joining a gym club when I have a little money stashed away

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2 thoughts on “From the strange-but-true department”

  1. my grandfather, father, and i also share this late-20s growth spurt. theirs were far more significant than mine however, probably since they were both very sick at some point during their earlier growth periods.
    my father was so sick he completely stopped growing. My grandparents took him to the doctor only to be told to keep him in bed, well fed, and hope for the best. for about 6 weeks my father was bedridden, and he was shorter than his younger brothers for years because of it. this pause in development showed up as a horizontal line across all of his teeth. few children this sick in the 50s ever lived, but my father was one of them. when my father was 25 he grew 1 inch.
    my grandfather grew 3 inches between the time he was 25 and 27. he knew something was up when his full set (!) of dentures stopped fitting. He had all his teeth pulled at 25. I don’t know why.
    I only grew a half an inch taller, at about age 28. My brothers didn’t see any noticeable growing after their late teens, if you don’t count the waistline.
    It happens. Doctors are still surprised when I tell them though. They always assume that I was simply sick for years and years, and when I got healthy again i finished growing. I explain the genetic history and they understand.

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