User Interface Design Assistance Wanted

I know XUL, fairly fluently. But knowing how to make functional user interfaces, and knowing how to make obvious user interfaces, are two different things.
I’m very painfully having my nose rubbed in this.
The JSObject panel UI I created is functional. So is the UI I created for Abacus (mostly). So are a lot of other XUL hacks I do.
But functional and obvious are not easy to achieve at the same time. In the wake of the Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 work (not to mention Sunbird, N|Vu, and friends), it becomes more and more apparent how necessary this is.
So this is an official cry for help. If there’s anyone who knows how to write some XUL (even basic), wants some projects to get involved in, and fairly good at making UI’s that others can understand, please comment here. I can answer any questions you have about work I’ve done.
I’m really sorry that I can’t offer any money for this kind of help. I don’t have it to give, as I’m not being paid to work on the projects that I need UI help on. These are after-hours, spare-time projects. One bit of good news, though: there are no deadlines you don’t set yourself. 🙂
If you don’t feel like helping, or aren’t that confident of your own abilities, don’t let that stop you from commenting. It doesn’t stop the spammers.

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