Firefox is 1.0, Thunderbird is 1.0… next?

There are a few Mozilla-based products I know of which I have a great interest in, and I personally would like to see a deeper interest from the Mozilla community in 2005. They are:

  • N|Vu

    Disruptive Innovations has made some good progress along these lines, I think. Their spinoff of Mozilla Composer should reach version 0.7 next week, per a brief comment by Daniel Glazman. Personally, I await the day that N|Vu supports the tools does (lxr for the public most especially) and/or starts checking their code into the Mozilla tree… so I can rip it to shreds and start offering bug patches for issues that irritate me. (In an earlier weblog, Mr. Glazman implied N|Vu 0.7 would potentially be stable enough for the community-at-large to work on, or localize, or something like that. I hope he still thinks so.)

  • An XML editor

    Something else Disruptive Innovations is apparently working on, but hasn’t made any releases on

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    . I remember this from a weblog comment Mr. Glazman made, and I am waiting fervently to sink my teeth into whatever he’s putting together. (I’ve been of the opinion for a little while now that XML editing in Mozilla is a Holy Grail type of application.)

  • Mozilla Sunbird / Calendar

    I haven’t followed this one that closely, but from seeing the 0.2-ish releases, I can tell this will be a “mosaic killer app” (pun intended) for the future. I briefly evaluated it for a previous employer, and concluded that at the time it wasn’t capable of handling the important application of group calendaring. This one is hosted and sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, and I would strongly encourage everyone who’s looking for the next big thing to hack to go after it.

Although I wanted to plug products I am personally involved in, such as my own abacus and serverpost projects and DOM Inspector, I felt that would not be fair. These projects have at best minimal involvement from the community, and they truly are developer applications not meant for the end-user. Abacus might reach that end-user-targeting someday; the others never will. Abacus and N|Vu combined would be really slick, but I can’t quite get them to work together and I haven’t spent the time to figure out why.

4 thoughts on “Firefox is 1.0, Thunderbird is 1.0… next?”

  1. > This one is hosted and sponsored by the Mozilla
    > Foundation
    Hosted, certainly. Sponsored – well, it depends how you define the term. Sunbird isn’t an official Foundation product in the same way that Firefox, Thunderbird and the Suite are. At least, not yet.

  2. It would sure be nice if there were one central page that listed all the different branches of Mozilla products, how they relate to one another, and the main differences between them (which is likely to receive bug fixes and/or upgrades when, and which is considered most stable).
    I’ve submitted several bug reports and seen their status change to RESOLVED/FIXED, only to download subsequent versions of Mozilla and Firefox which still have the bugs (or lack the new features). It’s frustrating and I need to know how to get around this meta-problem.

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