Best entries of 2004?

Talk back! Comment please which Mozilla-related weblog entries by anyone were most interesting to you this year. I’ll probably offer MozillaZine or MozillaNews a freebie article summarizing your opinions

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5 thoughts on “Best entries of 2004?”

  1. Reaction to the Netscape beta being released was interesting in all blog entries.
    But I choose Ben Goodger, since he usually posts rarely and his post usually have a lot of content about Firefox development. Thus,
    Brendan’s Roadmap Updates comes in second.
    (From Alex: URL?)

    Certainly this blog entry from brendan. It came at a time of increasing tension, and I believed what he said–my skepticism was really reduced.
    Now if you mean “funniest” or something like that, I’ll have to look a little further.
    (From Alex: No, I’m not being that specific. “Best” means what you think were the best entries, and if that includes comedy, so be it. 🙂 )

  3. Being completely honest here, one of the projects that I’ve been most excited about was yours. I mean, keeping up with news on abacus is why I’m reading your blog in the first place.
    As a physicist, MathML is one of the most exiting web things to me. I am so sick and tired of having to load up pdf viewers or MS Word to read mathematical notation when my web browser should be able to display it just as well. The Abacus project looks like it could finally give the world the free, usable MathML editor that it so desperately needs.
    That it is constructed on the foundation of Mozilla is just an extra element of excitement for me.
    (From Alex: Heh, thanks. I guess when it comes to open source, no news isn’t good news…)

  4. I would say the entire set of posts relating to the homepage redesign, especially Bart’s series and its responses. These entires actually resulted in change and some serious discussion about what is all about and how the homepage should reflect that.

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