“Oh, for the love of…”

Gervase Markham responded well to yesterday’s blog.
Unfortunately, he took my original statement way out of proportion… <grin size=”huge”/>
I was simply (1) acknowledging his own respect and love for our Lord, and (2) reflecting very briefly on one of the issues I had in the U.S. Navy.
On that latter bit, let me set the record straight: the Navy’s personnel are not always paragons of virtue, by any means. Being a devout Christian in the military is not easy. Honestly, after nearly two years in the service, and a year of that onboard a ship which had a distinguished record of service (we earned the Battle E the previous year), I was starting to feel my own morality slipping away, the core of my behaviors and ethics starting to crack. You have to bear in mind that when you are in the Navy as an enlisted person, you are literally living with 20+ guys in the same berthing, guys who will throw all sorts of peer pressure and other adolescent behavior at you all day long.
Missing the Mass, while important to me personally, is nothing compared to starting to think that some of what these people do on a regular basis is okay. That way, for any Christian who is truly dedicated to God, lies madness. A madness of a sort that I will be happy to explain to Gerv or anyone else by private e-mail, but not in a public forum.
It is a madness which continues to trouble me to this day. A very personal madness, and quite literally another miracle that I am still alive to talk about it or anything else.