Silicon Valley or Bust

This evening, I signed a contract to work at Cenzic, Inc. of Santa Clara, CA.
Words fail to describe how ecstatic I am. It is quite literally a dream come true.
Now I need some help…
I start in two weeks, and I don’t have a place down there lined up. I’m looking at Craig’s List, and there are some good deals there

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. I’m trying to be frugal (renting a room is just fine for me), but I’m well aware that my current bank balance dictates a shorter-than-average move-in cost at mid-month (as in a minimal security deposit initially, but which I’d make up in two months at most), when the move needs to be finished.
Vallejo to Santa Clara is about 80 miles. So commuting by bus (which I prefer, but takes four hours) is out.
If readers know of any connections that would be willing to rent a room out for a fair price to a Mozilla enthusiast gentleman, please contact me at ajvincent at ye handy dandy gmail. I can offer plenty of references on my character both from my current land-lady, current employer, friends, etc. I’m just a tiny bit short on the cash at the moment; I may have to seek some sort of financial aid…