First Doc Day: Results

  • I looked at the bug list; it looks like most of the bugs are trivial to fix.
  • I found two bugs that didn’t belong in docs; I moved one to Browser, where it was quickly invalidated. The other I think I didn’t move yet.
  • One of these trivial bugs to fix mcsmurf did post a patch; we asked Asa Dotzler and Tracy Walker to review.
  • The San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks.

In other words, not much. Still, I’m happy with the results.
This is more traction we’ve gotten on documentation than we have had in a long while. I didn’t have any real goals for today, so any accomplishments are a good thing.
I’d say 30-50% of the bugs in Docs are filed against Mozilla’s XUL Reference. If the pages are frozen (due to a printed version being published), then we just need an errata page. If they’re not frozen, we can use Doctor to create patches. Either way, we can fix a huge number of bugs with just one volunteer taking the time to go through and make patches. I mean it: one person spending three or four hours can cut our bug count by a third, I think.
I did have two targets which no one volunteered for. In a sense, I’m not too disappointed, because these targets I plan on doing anyway.
That’s all I’ve got. Go Seahawks.