Curses, (they were) foiled again!

I love blogspammers. I found 38 new GMail messages generated in the last two hours.
Oh, by the way, did you notice that I have to approve every comment before the Internet search engines see them?
Whoever you are, you really are an idiot, and your bosses should fire you for making your advertising reach precisely one customer, who ignored your spam.
(Unfortunately, other people who have blogs provided by mozillazine also were victimized by a mass-spam effort.)

3 thoughts on “Curses, (they were) foiled again!”

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t put your primary email on the blog?
    (From Alex: Actually, it’s a good thing for me to have an e-mail in the blog configuration. The comments end up in my inbox and not on the public, like they did for Brendan Eich’s blog…)

  2. I know your pain. Look at my mt-blacklist stats, after only a few weeks:
    Comment spams blocked: 10238
    Comment spams moderated: 232
    yes, your reading those numbers right. Painful.
    And still a few hundred have slipped by.

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