Most doomed

Well, as of 10:00p Oct 25 2004, there are 114 people signed up for my party in San Francisco. This puts me one behind the person who is hosting the party in Mexico City (currently in the lead).
I believe that qualifies me for the “most doomed” list of hosts. 🙂 Or, to quote a familiar character: “Oh, boy.”

2 thoughts on “Most doomed”

  1. Nice.
    I’m organizing a party in Guadalajara (30+ I think so far).
    Any ideas on what you plan to do? I was planning a simple get-together at a pub like bar. And maybe do a bit of “mozilla trivia” with a few prizes (unofficial stickers, etc.)
    But still not sure.
    I’d like to know what other hosts plan to do.
    (From Alex: Christopher Beard from the Mozilla Foundation has approached me looking for some way we can share ideas, too. With Bart Decrem doing his European tour, we’re waiting to hear back from him.)

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