2 thoughts on “Who likes to party? Who likes, who likes to party?”

  1. a. ~3
    b. not sure what you’re looking for? Scenic places, clubs, or..? (note: I live in the bay so if you’re thinking of doing a ‘tour’ of sorts for those that haven’t been here, I’ve seen Fisherman’s Wharf plenty) 😉
    c. I’m kewl with paying ~$15
    d. Bluegrass, funk, jazz (jam band style)… or some trance/techno…


  2. I’m starting this blog entry asking for people wanting to go to please comment.

    Er… that’s what the party webtool is for! Start a party and see who wants to come, then email them. The “mozparty” tool is not for “official” parties, it’s for anyone who wants to suggest a party. There are no “official” public parties.
    (From Alex: Ah, but the mozparty site seems to want an actual address for the party site. It’s too early for me to call for one. I’d’ve registered a party by now if I had an idea on how many would show up. A dozen, a hundred… pretty big difference.)

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