Code Rush

The open source community has always prided itself on the idea that if something is bugging you in an open-source product, you swat it.
How true that is…
Those of you who follow this blog should know I am just now learning C++

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. For those of you experienced with C++, I wonder: what are the differences between writing C++ under most circumstances, and writing C++ for Mozilla-based applications? nsCOMPtr was never in my copy of “Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours”…

2 thoughts on “Code Rush”

  1. has anyone found that you can no longer do searches using 1.7.3
    the search button just doesn’t do anything at all anymore
    (From Alex: Um, what’s that got to do with me and the bug I’m working on?)

  2. Its always going to be harder to write C++ in a big project, which almost always has its own API, standards, tweaks etc – C++ is almost infinitely flexible, and every project takes a different slice on it – making it virtually a different language. I have worked on big commercial projects that used C++, and they were a lot more complex than “Learn C++ in a short period of time” style examples.
    I personally prefer “simple” C++, I code Windows/Console apps directly against the lowest level API I can find Win32API/STDIO – structure it however I want, and stick to simple class’s – no COM stuff etc. If you need more than that, you probably want to pick a higher level language…

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