GMail invites, round three

Six more. I’ll be giving them away based on the following priorities:
(1) Being the first to fix or file a valid bug against Mozilla which hinders development of Abacus

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. Basically, when something is broken or doesn’t work in the Abacus code, and Abacus’s source code is written correctly. (I expect very few people to come up with these, so don’t sweat about it too much.) The more serious and specific bugs will get higher priority than vague, trivial bugs.
(2) Being the first to fix a bug in Abacus. There’s lots of them, and some of them are pretty darned easy! All you would have to do is file the bug (if someone else hasn’t), and then file a patch for review.
(3) Being the first to file a valid bug against Abacus. Again, many of these are easy… in some cases, the strict warnings tell you what I know about but haven’t gotten around to getting done yet.
(4) Useful comments on subjects this weblog talks about. FYI, no one really took a look at my <xul:serverpost/> idea the last time I offered invites…
First-come, first-served does NOT apply. I’m looking for quality, not speed or quantity. Duplicate bug reports do not count!
UPDATE: For those looking to earn gmail invites per this entry: I’ve only given away one. So please add a comment to this blog entry if you qualify by one of the means above. Include first & last name so I can actually fill in the blanks GMail provides. Also, if you are filing a bug in Mozilla’s bugzilla, please cc me! ajvincent@gmail. If you file a bug at MozDev, and I didn’t get a copy of it, cc me and send me a private e-mail so I can notify the mozdev people.
(For the record, I gave away that invite unfairly. I clearly stated “valid”, and right now it’s UNCO, so mea culpa on that one. Further, it doesn’t hinder Abacus operations at all, so big mea culpa on it! I’ll try not to do it again, in case the bug turns out to be invalid or duplicate.)
(Still, don’t let that stop you from filing bugs against Mozilla! More bug reports that are valid and meaningful are better than less.)

2 thoughts on “GMail invites, round three”

  1. Applying for a GMail invite with bug # 258891 munderover for sums should render like munderover for integrals.
    (I really like this bug – used to hate it. Found it a couple of years ago, when I was more into MathML.)

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