Bugs in Abacus vs Bugs in Mozilla

There are a number of (unfiled) bugs in Abacus, and there are some bugs in Mozilla which Abacus tries to work around. I’d really, really appreciate having some developers hammer with it a bit, file bugs as appropriate (in the right bug database), and start fixing them.
I really don’t want to be the only developer on Abacus. I’ve spent too much time on this alone, and there’s a lot to do. I really, really need help at this point.
On another note, one feature I would like to implement for Bugzilla would be a “transfer between installations” feature. It would probably be something like setting dependencies between one database and another. The easy part would be writing code and MySQL tables to store the dependencies. The hard part would be writing protocols for Bugzilla installations to talk to each other… including failure cases for when a cross-database dependency doesn’t take effect. I wouldn’t mind hearing opinions on how we could do this.
Incidentally, this is my 100th blog entry.

One thought on “Bugs in Abacus vs Bugs in Mozilla”

  1. Since I don’t have any idea about Bugzilla+MySQL replication across hosts, I’ll just say “woo! yay!” for your 100th post. 🙂

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