The website is up!!!
As of this moment, the XPI file for Abacus isn’t quite available yet (I don’t know why, it got checked in with everything else). I assume it is propagating to the download servers as we speak.
I am once again a happy man.
UPDATE: Yes, the XPI file is available. I have just tested the screenshots, and the files are horked on my local drive

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. I’m checking it now.
Incidentally, there is a Windows crash bug 258365 with Abacus right now. It appears to affect only Windows on 1.7+ builds. Be warned.
UPDATE 2: Screenshots have been fixed.

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  1. I’ve tried it in MacOS X with Mozilla 1.7.2, and the following happens:

    • The MathML Abacus icon appears in Composer’s toolbar.
    • When I click on it, the editor window that appears (the one in the screenshot named “mathmlEditorStart.png“) doesn’t show any of the menu bars, nor the red box for the expression. Additionaly, the window doesn’t have any borders (title bar, resize corner, etc.) and it’s a bit too narrow so that only the left half of the “OK” button is visible.
    • The following messages appear in the JavaScript console:
      Warning: Abacus MathML Editor should receive a language to use (xml:lang=’en-US’, lang=’en’ or for example)!
      Source File: chrome://abacus/content/math/editor.js
      Line: 1322
      Warning: We need a way to notify the user that we’ve set a default language they may not want.
      Source File: chrome://abacus/content/math/editor.js
      Line: 1324

    I suspect that it doesn’t show anything because the selected language got some weird value, which is probable since my locale is set to “es_ES”, but I don’t know what values is Abacus receiving.
    (From Alex: Oh, that last bit explains a lot. The reason you’re not seeing anything is that no one has written MathML templates for Abacus except me. It’s for the same reason that you don’t see Abacus in the Spanish language. No one’s done localizations for that yet.
    Did I mention this was an 0.1-ish release? 8) There’s a lot of work to be done on the whole kit & kaboodle.
    The Template Editor is designed to help you write your templates, though!)

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