GMail invites are here again

I’ve got six more. As stated in my last blog entry, all I ask is that you take a good look around this blog’s archives and see if some entry I’ve written about interests you and/or is useful. If so, file a comment there, file a comment here, and I’ll try to accomodate you.
It may not be first-come, first-served this time. Be aware that last time, I was able to react fairly quickly. It won’t be until late afternoon today (PDT) before I can start handing them out.
UPDATE: Closed! Sorry, guys, but I had six and gave out six. The lucky six know who you are.
I’ve had a few people offering their own invites (one even allowed me to judge for them who should get them!), but I’m not going to go out of my way on this. It’s all well and good for commenters here to privately contact each other, though.
I appreciate everyone who did take the time to look through my blog and respond. I restricted them to people who specifically commented in useful ways on the weblog. A couple people didn’t qualify in my eyes (though I approved your comments anyway), so my apologies if you think you earned one and I didn’t give one to you. I did say it wouldn’t necessarily be first-come, first-served… I didn’t have enough to hand them out willy-nilly.
Tying the last two paragraphs together: if you didn’t get an invite from me and want one anyway, I have two options for you. (1) Contact someone who said they had invites, and ask them. From the looks of it, most appear to be more generous than I am

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. (2) Wait a few days for me to get more invites, and I’ll do it all again for NEW comments. (In other words, comments you’ve already posted don’t count for future goodies!)

22 thoughts on “GMail invites are here again”

  1. I like the idea of design by contract especially when combined with Brendan’s stack trace. Very useful.
    I wonder firstly if it could be used in a generic sense, by combining the pre and post conditions with your UserError assert functionality.
    Having a generic anywhere/anytime situation combining the best of both methods pre/post and inside functions too.
    Perhaps you would be able to do different things whether you are in debug mode (throw it up to the console etc) or in production mode (especially for input errors it would be great it you could somehow “rollback” to before the erroneous user input).
    (From Alex: I would welcome any code you want to write to make it better! I don’t quite follow how to do a rollback.)

  2. Hi.
    I posted something under:
    Or atleast I think I did… 😉
    For what its worth, I could really use a GMail account. I cannot reach my work mail from outside the office and own mail from work… And I have over gigabyte of mail dumped from work account, and now needs sorting out…
    BTW: I did mean it, when I wrote about needing commond code base to jumpstart development of special purpose xml-editor…

  3. Well, it’s difficult to give feedback to things like the link to SVG+XBL except of saying thank you. Which I certainly will do more for a nice GMail account. 😉 I really do appreciate links and hints and all that but I rarely have to add something which matters (like here of course).

  4. If you want I can donate another 5 invites to people you deem deserve them.
    (From Alex: That won’t be necessary, Carlos. I’ll probably be receiving more invites soon. But thanks for the offer!)

  5. I’ve nosed around and most of what you play with is beyond me. I’ve done small amounts of programming but no where near the extent you do. Keep it up! Your college dilema is one that I once faced. The old cartoon about resisting email only to find nothing but spam was perfect – made my day in fact. Experiencing the over abundance of spam is how I came across your blog. Personal email gets lost among the garbage and I was hoping to find an invite out there some where. If you have 1 to spare, you would have my everlasting gratitude. If not, I totally understand.
    Don’t lose site of your passion.

  6. Also, the people who don’t get lucky here (pardon the pun). I’ve got 5 invites left atm, so just mail me your name and email via the contact form on my webpage. (Click my name)
    PS. Only trying to help out people here, not trying to steal your visitors 😉

  7. How is the college search going? Take a few classes at night to get yourself going. You might not need to do formal applications.
    If you have a Gmail invite, I would like to see if I could fill the thing up. Gonna be hard, but worth a try.
    Good Luck. Thanks.

  8. Well, I’ll be honest, I never read your blog until I saw you had gmail invites. But I did go through and read some in August in Sept so you could feel better 🙂
    Personally I think college is far over-rated, especially if you’re gonna do technology. I just left college this semester and am learning so much more and enjoy the extra freedom. But to each his own
    I have no idea what to do with a gig of email space, but I’d appreciate getting access to your javascript book manuscript.

  9. i am giving out gmail invites for the first people to find the following php nuke 7.4 blocks:
    yahoo block,
    gmail block
    msn block
    they r all for email checking

  10. Hey guyz,
    If anyonez kind enough to send a gmail invite…would be greatly appreciated.
    Please consider,
    Thanks in advance,

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