GMail invites are gone

Good Lord! I’ve blogged about a MathML editor, tools for editing XUL better, blogspam, build suggestions… and I get very little feedback.
I post ONE notice about GMail invites, and my weblog is flooded with responses!
If I get more invites, I’m going to politely ask that people actually give me feedback on the stuff I play with.
If I get a third round and no one does give me that feedback, I’ll insist on it. 🙂

24 thoughts on “GMail invites are gone”

  1. heh, at least people read your blog 😛 (kidding)
    seriously, I’m interested in abacus. What’s holding up ? I know some people who would be interested in using something like abacus (and maybe build stuff around abacus as well), would be nice to have a project page where most of the info can be easily found to link to. 😉

  2. See if there’s any way to make it so Gmail posts aren’t syndicated to That way at least only people who really come to read your blog will see it.
    …and thus ends my preemptive posting so I can get one next time you have them 😉

  3. could I please grab two of those g-mail accounts
    cheers in advance
    (From Alex: Um, why do you want two? Also, we need more than one e-mail address to give you more than one invite.)

  4. Sounds good. I’m always willing to test new programs, and other stuff, out as long as they don’t fry my comp. If ya get any gmail invites; I’m very interested in having one.

  5. I have 73 invites. No joke. I have 25 accounts at the present moment and have started an empire of invite generators. Let me know why I should give you a “geevite” and if it seems worthy, I’ll give you one.

  6. hey,
    I only came 2 this website coz of gmail
    I dont even no wot abacus is?????
    but im interested to know (in all siriousness)
    Where can I find out about it?
    hey geevite,
    could I please get an invite off you, I’ve been searching for an invite for ages (not that its nething 2 u, lol)
    neway if you could please send me 1, please send it to:
    still using hotmail as u can c!!!
    thanx alot
    (From Alex: Abacus is a MathML editor for Mozilla, particularly Mozilla Composer. See for details.)

  7. I would like to have a gmail account…. so please send me an invitation…. someone who have got invitations left please send me … thank you

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