GMail: What’s the big deal?

Yes, I have six GMail invites if anyone wants them. I accepted an invite from a fellow moderator, and so they’re here if you want them.
I, however, am not entirely enthused about having a whole gigabyte of e-mail storage.
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what I’d do with it!

19 thoughts on “GMail: What’s the big deal?”

  1. You could spend five years on it 🙂
    Google wrote:
    “One gigabyte of storage means the average user can go five years without ever deleting a single message, so we don’t expect you to get close to your quota anytime soon.”

  2. I know exactly what to do with 1gb of email storage…I use it as my garbage dump! You know for those websites that ask for an email address for registering…(like this one)
    Btw, the more invites you send out, the more they give you…(You’ll never run out…LOL)

  3. Well, here’s my request for a gmail account. I guess I’ll use the space for subscribing to a high-traffic mailing list or something.

  4. Yes, OK 1 GB is a lot of storage for email, however Google single handedly forced Yahoo/Hotmail even Comcast to up their storage limits from measly 10MB per account to 250MB. We are talking about 50 bucks/month cable service here with measly 10 MB email. And for that alone I will be forever grateful to Google.

  5. a gig of storage (accessable with the browser) for free is some kind of cool.
    send your files to yourself and you have a virtual 1gb hdd.
    what sucks is the big-brother watching every click and time a need for that click…

  6. Well as, for me I find the interface of Gmail and added features like keyboard shortcuts auto complete are really handy for a web mail service.

  7. If your keen to get a gmail account – head over to Whirlpool – The Australian Broadband Forum. They have a running thread giving invites away to members. Been going for months so most people have one now. Ive given away over 250+ invites in that time myself.

  8. I don’t see the big deal either, and I’ve got two! I got the first cause I have a blogger account; so I didn’t think they were hard to get. I registered that cause I thought I might get some use out of it, but haven’t yet. I invited my self to get a second to start an experement. (I also have 5 invites left if anyone wants one)
    I’m going to use it as a spam filter. But I’m going to take it a bit further. I’m starting an experement called GMail GSpot to see if I can fill up a whole Gigabyte worth of spam within a year. The email address is <>.

  9. Google is certainly running an interesting marketing campagain. Instead of letting people simply register for an address, the Mountain View, CA, company is doling them out in a “who you know” fashion.
    Seems to run counter to their sentiment of equal access when Google sold its stock through a Dutch auction.

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